Fuck you, NBC

So here I am, a silly man, thinking I have the ability to avoid all spoilers for this evening’s Olympics. Stupid, right? Especially for a person who both works in sports AND spends all day on the Internet.

Against all odds, I avoid any headlines. Despite there being no decorum about this thing whatsoever, Twitter doesn’t drop any bombshells on my head. And nobody on Facebook or in my circle of friends/family manages to blow anything for me either.

Surprising and amazing.

I put the television on because, well, what are the odds I could watch the Olympics tape delay without knowing what happens? 1 in 100 if that?

Missy races her trial and qualifies. We go to commercial. Since I don’t want to miss what happens, and because I think I’ll throw NBC a bone and watch their commercials since they are entertaining me, I don’t change the channel.

And those turds run a promo for their stupid fucking morning show, asking the fuck-stupid question, “how does it feel to win your first gold medal? We ask Missy and her parents blah blah blah” literally seconds before Missy would of course win her first gold medal.

There are no proper words for this incompetence and/or treachery.

Fuck you, NBC.

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Dave Gladow is the author of "Eyeblack Odyssey," a sports enthusiast, a New Orleans resident, and he enjoys eating pig nachos.
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5 Responses to Fuck you, NBC

  1. David Moore says:

    Funny thing was, I was watching too, and somehow missed that commercial. Admittedly, that was about when I went to get some ice cream. But I certainly understand the sentiment. NBC actually kind of sucks. I don’t think I’ve watched anything on the channel in almost a year.

  2. Thorny says:

    Dave, NBC sucks?


    Fire is hot.

    Also true.


  3. Dave Gladow says:

    I don’t normally hate them, funnily enough. They eat a bag of dicks on their sports coverage in general, sure, but Cait and I watch “The Voice” and “Grimm” and enjoy them both.

    I am seriously reconsidering ever watching their station again. What is the friggin’ point of rebroadcasting it for people who haven’t seen it yet IF YOU’RE GOING TO FRIGGIN’ SPOIL THE RESULTS ANYWAY?


  4. CD says:

    I’m an Olympics junkie. I’ve been glued to the TV whenever I’m not at the office. I have elaborate spreadsheets detailing the preliminary rounds of many of the team sports. I’m on a two-week Twitter fast and I’ve only seen one spoiler on Facebook–and I promptly hid the guilty party until after the Olympics. I turned down tickets to the Jaguars’ inter-squad scrimmage because it’s on an Olympic night.

    However, I’m surprised that I did not see that commercial in question. I must have been in the bathroom or something.

    Yes, I agree that NBC needs to be more careful to avoid spoilers. I HATE SPOILERS!

    • Dave Gladow says:

      I’d say you take things further than I would, but I respect that. And for my part, if I’m on Twitter and Facebook all day, I sort of expect to get spoiled, you know? It’s not going to get me super pissed.

      NBC on the other hand…