Another set of team rankings: Woooooooo!

I am participating in the New Orleans area prep football rankings on Fox 8 this fall.  Since this is clearly cause for celebration (hence the Rick Flair “Woooooooo!” in the headline/video), I decided to share my rankings with the world here.

  1. Rummel
  2. Landry-Walker
  3. Curtis
  4. Destrehan
  5. Brother Martin
  6. McDonogh 35
  7. Hahnville
  8. St. Paul’s

Most of this isn’t too controversial.  Rummel is in my view the best team in the state, and most neutral observers will agree with that I think (statewide media poll notwithstanding … sports reporters are inherently risk averse).  After that, I went with pure talent over system with Landry-Walker over Curtis.  Judgement call, but not an unreasonable one.

At No. 4, Destrehan brings back a great nucleus from a team that was a state runner-up = no brainer for the Top 5.

Brother Martin and McDonogh 35 are both hugely talented teams with hugely worrying questions.  Each could boom or bust.

Next up is Hahnville, which: A.) Never lacks for talent and B.) Has a coach I believe in.

Finally, I went with St. Paul’s.  You could make a lot of different picks here, but I have a hunch they’ll beat Karr in Week 1 removing one of their biggest rivals for the spot.  I’m also encouraged by how they performed against Rummel in the preseason.

So there’s your Top 8.  Feel free to tell me that I’m nuts.

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