Brewstock (our neighbors!) gives us the basics on brewing beer

It occurred to me recently that I had neglected to share this video on my blog, and since it’s not exactly Christmas-related, I thought it prudent to give it its own post.

This is Kyle, who runs Brewstock, a home-brewing supply store here in New Orleans.  For the uninitiated, Brewstock is directly across the street from where I live with the rest of the Gladow clan.  They’ve consistently been great neighbors, though that’s of course only part of the story … so I felt I should tell more of it.

In this particular video, you’ll hear some of the basics of home beer brewing, which is really a pretty fascinating hobby (and popular, as Brewstock rarely seems to lack for customers).  I am more partial to beer drinking than beer making (my biggest hobby at present is playing video games), but I still find the whole thing interesting.

Brewstock is full of good people who have a product that encourages creativity (and deliciousness).  I think the world needs more of that.

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