Getting “Truthy’ about Movies

My wife and I recently got back to talking about “The Big Short,” which I will reiterate as being one of my favorite movies … well … ever.  The context of the conversations has mostly been in regards to gift giving (not terribly relevant here) but also a little about how accurate/truthful the story seemed to be (definitely more relevant here).

So it was with great interest that I discovered this link today, a scoring of major Hollywood films that portray “true” stories … and how true to life the movies actually are.

It’s all very fascinating to those of us who sit there during a movie and wonder about that sort of thing (e.g. “Did that REALLY happen?”).  So I encourage folks to check it out.  And happily, “The Big Short” scored very well in the “truthy” metric, so I can continue to enjoy the movie without regret*.

* I use the term regret because in today’s political climate wherein the trustworthiness of our news organizations is being called into question, and wherein websites like continue to gain a foothold despite their peddling of patented falsehoods, a “true” story glammed up for Hollywood with some lies and half-truths becomes a much less desirable use of my time.

I touched on some of this (the going down the rabbit hole of truth) with friend David Lee Simmons in our “Spotlight” podcast.  I encourage you to give it a listen if you haven’t.

And for something not completely unrelated, I recently watched Batman v. Superman and updated my comic book movie rankings.

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