My Enterprise don’t want none unless you’ve got beak, hon

Oh now, you know this had to make the blog.  The K-State marching band makes national headlines for performing a halftime show that resembles Jayhawk fellatio, and you think I’m going to pretend that didn’t happen?

Nah.  Nah, man.  Nah.

A lot of people have spent a lot of time trying to determine how intentional this whole thing was, how appropriate the reaction has been, and so forth and so on.  It seems pretty simple to me, actually.  The formation in question only vaguely resembles an actual penis.  But, and this is important methinks, it’s a phallic shape being rammed into the rival team’s mascot’s face.  It could have been a hot dog or a banana boat, or a car, or a Starship Enterprise … it was always going to bring to mind a certain activity.

That doesn’t mean this is any less funny.  I suppose there is no accounting for taste and people are free to take offense to whatever they want.  But come on.  It’s funny.  It’s funny because it’s so god-damned weird.  It’s funny because a bunch of people got offended.  And it’s funny because the K-State administration reacted so predictably.

At the very least, this entire episode has given me some interior decorating ideas.

Of course this incident overshadowed some genuine actual news, in the form of K-State starting quarterback Jesse Ertz being knocked out, reportedly for the year.


I wrote too many words on the position a week ago, no doubt ensuring this outcome.  I am, after all, the kiss of death.  I write about something, and boom, 48 hours later it is patently false.  Companies should pay me to write bad things about them.  Within the week I would be proven wrong, good things would happen to my employers, and I would walk away with a fat check.  Everyone wins in this scenario … meaning it of course won’t happen.

But anyhow, you move on, and that’s no doubt what the team will do now.  I still like how the staff is playing things, though it might behoove them to try to get Alex Delton a few more touches.  Like nearly everyone else, I am excited to see how he develops this year.

Either way, channel some Al Davis and just win, baby.


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