My Week 2 prep football rankings

So here is my Week 2 ballot for the New Orleans area prep football rankings on Fox 8.  As one who follows this sort of thing might imagine, there’s one big dropper this week…

  1. Rummel
  2. Curtis
  3. Brother Martin
  4. Destrehan
  5. McDonogh 35
  6. St. Paul’s
  7. Hahnville
  8. Landry-Walker

Curtis curb-stomped Landry-Walker, reinforcing the time-honored tradition I ignored in my initial rankings: Never bet against Curtis.  Accordingly, I moved Curtis up to No. 2 and dropped Landry-Walker to No. 8 this week in response.

Deciding on a team for No. 3 wasn’t especially easy.  Destrehan raised questions with a tougher than expected road escape Friday, and while Brother Martin has one of the best offenses in the nation, the jury is still out on the Crusaders’ defense.  Ultimately I went Brother Martin, giving the benefit of the doubt to the Catholic League.

On that note, I nearly included Shaw this week.  It came down to Shaw, Ehret and Landry-Walker. I left the Charging Bucs in, partly out of concern for Ehret’s quarterback situation, but also out of respect for Curtis.  Plenty of great teams have been humbled by the Patriots.


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