Pursuit of Crappiness podcast Episode 1: The Third Man

Today I launch my first ever podcast, “The Pursuit of Crappiness,” a (hopefully weekly) pop culture show focusing on movies in particular. Here you’ll hear fans of movies wax poetic about their favorite films, or just films of general importance, popularity, or critical acclaim.

Or we’ll wing it and depart from that completely. We have the freedom to do what we want, woohoo!

Anyway, my wife, Cait, joins me for Episode No. 1, in which we discuss the 1949 classic film, “The Third Man.”

3:30 – Cait discusses her personal connection to the movie
7:15 – Shadows, shadows everywhere
12:20 – Austria as a character
18:40 – The fabulous score
25:15 – Talking about “the reveal”
27:20 – Loyalty vs. doing “what’s right”
32:10 – The ending
36:55 – The life and performance of Alida Valli

Here are some links of interest:

The Third Man
Original score from Anton Karas on Youtube
Cuckoo clock speech on Youtube
IMDB page for The Third Man

David Gladow
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Cait Gladow
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