Pursuit of Crappiness

My wife, Cait, and I love to try to watch as many movies as we can.

Unfortunately, kids.

So instead of getting to go see something like “Mad Max Fury Road” in the theaters, we instead stay home and consume “Bubble Guppies.” (Having kids was our decision and we must sadly live with the consequences.)  But we both still strive to stay on top of things culturally and we just enjoy movies in general, so we try to put a priority on seeing: 1.) Big blockbusters; and 2.) Oscar bait.

I think we’ve fallen behind in the latter category (and the former too if I’m being honest), so I started making a list of movies I still wanted to see, and it kind of grew really long, so I figured, why not document this process for the world to see?  Thus begat the “Pursuit of Crappiness” wherein I try to see a bunch of really good movies — some award fare, some not — and talk about them with people who feel strongly about said films.

The good news is we’ve seen several of the movies I’d like to talk about already. The bad news is holy hell there are still a lot of movies out there and this could end up being a show on basically any movie and that would be like taking on one of those gross eating challenges like consuming a massive burrito in one sitting or some such.


So for now we’ll try to keep our focus on movies that speak to me and my guests before venturing into the unknown.

Below you can found my SoundCloud archive (organized by show order), and I’ll also post all of the shows here, listed by movie release date in reverse chronology.  Hope y’all enjoy!

SoundCloud archive


Spotlight (episode posted March 30, 2016)
Mad Max: Fury Road
(episode posted March 21, 2016)
Star Wars: The Force Awakens (episode posted April 15, 2016)
2016 Oscars roundup
(episode posted March 14, 2016)


All the President’s Men (episode posted June 2, 2016)


The Third Man (episode posted March 2, 2016)